'Fairytales are in my head and in my head they start
to tell you bout the deepest thoughts that live inside my heart.'
- Alice Deejay

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Corset

Dante sat at her vanity; the view outside thrived in beauty as the sky blushed in pastels. Dante could not keep her eyes from the expression complicating a face

Freshly reflected in the mirror on her vanity.

Dante stuck her tongue at it and then shifted her attention from the mirror to three nightgowns hanging in the window. The gowns were alluring - thin, delicate, feminine. And individual in their unique styles.

The one on the right posed with conviction on its hanger, confidently displaying color & attitude; the one to the left relaxed on its hanger in a chic and cool way; and the center one graced hers with blend of sophisticated innocence.

Precision stitched the three gowns. And they - dutifully - draped Dante's shape - fantastically - every time she wore them.

Dante looked out the window and said, 'Hurry up!' to the sun's breathtaking setting. She looked again into the mirror with all the heavy-breathing & finger-tapping of impatience.

And it was at the very instant of the room's natural light eclipsing into the dark of the natural night that Dante said, 'Yes. Finally.'

The black shot in, and Dante shot up. She placed a needle over a record. Sounds of a relaxed bounce scratched out a smokey french lullaby.

Dante walked and twirled to the rhythm, lighting candles throughout her messy little place. She dragged the dress she had just worn a bit before slipping it from her grasp entirely to the floor.

And as she stepped out of it, her wings unfolded.

'At last, I'm let out of my cage,' she heard whispered in the air.

'Glad I'm alone.' Dante responded.

She heard an ensemble of smiles from the creatures, curious & attractive, inching out and sprawling about her private chambers.

Dante sat at her vanity and gazed at her wings, stunning, before she began to unlace the corset she was wearing.

'Let me get that,' said a creature, dressed in excellent taste, overtaking Dante's satin strip.

'Which one will it be?' asked another creature, lying on the windowsill & up the wall extending her legs.

Dante sighed as she looked at the three gowns, 'I guess I'm going to have to try each of them.'

Soft suggestions the becoming creatures began to offer. Each politely speaking all over the other.

'And what do you guys know?' Dante responded, 'You all hide until dark.'

'So do you!' the stylish creature said, pulling tight the corset several times. Dante gasped and dropped her head back. Her neck exposed.

'That felt good,' she giggled.

Behind her, Dante dipped her head lower. Before her, Dante stretched her legs forward. She smiled & tapped her foot to the spring of the record playing, thoroughly enjoying the moment of having her breath snapped away.

And from her upside down perspective she noticed a box lying under her bed.

'What is this?' Dante asked, pulling it out & pulling the creatures in.

A closer look.

The box was long as it was laborious. Dante needed all hands and legs to handle it before she eagerly opened it all over her bed.

An empty box.

Dante's enthusiasm flopped.

But her interest peaked - What could this mean?

'May I dress you this evening?' the stylish creature said, moving Dante away from the box and back to her seat at the vanity.

'Lengthen your back, Sweetie,' the creature said.

Dante did as she was told and felt a release of control. A heavy sound dropped to the floor.

'Such a burdensome weight,' the creature said, 'Is it not?'

Dante responded with a quiet & confused look.

The creature picked up the corset from the floor. Magnificent wings were attached to it. Wings, not real.    

'Denial,' the creature said as she folded the winged-corset and put it away inside the empty box.

A shy & shamed stance overcame Dante at the sight of her reality.

The horror.

 Her awful wings were real!

'No worries, Sweetie,' the creature said  'that is what nightdresses are for. When it comes to impressions, delusion is always the lighter choice.'

-Christine Kincer 2010/2011