'Fairytales are in my head and in my head they start
to tell you bout the deepest thoughts that live inside my heart.'
- Alice Deejay

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Want It Back!

"It's the ups & downs, rises & falls, which make up the rhythm of life. And it's the pulling together & pushing away that gives us someone to dance through it with." - Christine Kincer

It's wet here in this land not too distant from reality
Inside the trees creatures are sitting & finding shelter beneath the leaves
While they watch, wait
For the downpour's ceasing

After squeezing them of rain, Lyric stretched striped stockings
Up her legs,
Slender & firmly
She fastened them in place

Then to the end of a branch, Lyric marched
Assessed the drowning drops --

What a disastrous time for a walk!

Determination pulled a hood over her face; grit sent her off into the rain

The space crinkled between her eyes, and her lips pierced tight
Lyric fell to the ground just right
Then with
Arms swinging at sides, quick & large stomps became her stride

Fury fueled her, passion pushed her
Lightning from instinct
Around her

Through the floods, over the stumps, against the wind
Her drive drove her
And, once again, those striped stockings became drenched

Dripping & dying

Lyric pounded on the door and nearly puddled on the floor, "Give it back!" she shouted.

Poet opened & answered her attack, "What?"

"You have it!" Lyric said.

"Have what?" he asked.

"You have it! I can feel it!"

"I don't know what you are talking about."

Lyric's instinct then moved her like a magnet to Poet's chest. Into which she snuggled before touching the chain about his neck and from his shirt she pulled it.

"My heart," Lyric in silence shouted, "You have stolen my heart," she whispered out of breath, "And I want it back!" Then yanked the locket from its link.

--Christine Kincer 2010

**Most images taken from google search engine. Lyric marching on branch drawing by Christine Kincer