'Fairytales are in my head and in my head they start
to tell you bout the deepest thoughts that live inside my heart.'
- Alice Deejay

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Writer's Block

"The usefulness of things is in their emptiness." - Author unknown

What to do? Where's my muse?
Are you being lazy? Have I not fed you?
Come out
Into this void

Where 'Castles in the Air' dreaming
Comes true

I'm listening, waiting
For your sounds
Higher than my existence,
Are you

Grace in the wind
A whisper, breath, caress
Upon the sacrifice of

Yet, I cannot clasp them...
Your secrets
Oh, the frustration!


By this fool passing

Sensor set to delicate
Escape my grasp
Mind distracted; heart a mess

Why would you choose,
upon this fool's wreck,
To breathe & rest?

Ease taken - that in
the absence of Something

When I'm ready
My muse will take me,

Until then, I look upon
drops of Ethereal Dew to
descend upon me soon.

--Christine Kincer 2010